documentary film

Well Beyond Water


30 min documentary film

This is a documentary I made after I found myself immersed into the unlikely world of Australian sheep farmers dealing with a crippling drought.

How did I get to this..?.. making a film about sheep farmers...!

Very strange to find my self making a documentary....It really all happened by chance.I had never set out to make a film. It started as a music commission from an arts company ‘BighArt’ . They asked if I would be interested in composing music in some form that might act as a voice for farmers dealing with the issues of drought in Australia. I was curious and up for a new challenge but felt completely in the dark, in terms of subject matter, culture and country.  So I took my guitar and a camcorder and went to spend time living and working with the farmers. The music didn’t come easily, but my ‘video diary’ did, and over time it transformed from personal journal to full documentary. I had never made a film before but It just seemed to be the best way to convey the issues.I wrote the soundtrack with help from Graham the farmer in the film.

It was a transforming and enlightening experience and I learnt many things about life on a sheep farm, but more importantly learnt that there are creative people in all walks of life...... Contrary to my expectations I discovered an inspiring farmer , Graham Strong , who was finding ways to adapt to the changing climate. With amazing insights and great wisdom Graham raises questions about the meaning of drought and points to a need for cultural change and adaptive strategies in farming practice.

Winner of 'The Earth Lens Trophy' for best short film at the Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival New zealand 2012

 Premier screening and first festival submission.


Requested 'show piece' at the Think Forward Film Festival Venice 2012 . Intended to stimulate discussion and raise awareness around the issues of cultural inertness and adaptive strategies in the light of climate change.


Selected as a show piece presentation by Forest & Bird New Zealand’s largest independent conservation organisation that works to preserve our natural heritage and native species."The film's subject matter is a relevant topic for our area and the environmental issues we are facing now and in the future". 


Requested for use by the Culture Unplugged film festival. The festival is an online film resource showcasing documentaries that focus on humanitarian and environmental issues with a view to increasing global consciousness from story tellers around the world..


(ICCG) was founded in 2009 and is now an internationally renowned centre whose research activities focus on the design of climate policy and governance. 'Well Beyond Water' will be used as a resource for discussion around climate issues.

Requested use as 'film for a discussion' by the Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival New Zealand. A discussion group for farmers from New Zealand and Australia who are working within the constraints of their environment to farm smarter, more sustainably, and more profitably.


This is the moment when I reallised I had won somthing!


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