Debut Album

Tek Red

Its rare to find an album of such quality in the field of electronica. This album has obviously been crafted by experts in this genre but they go further than most by producing an album with ‘soul’ and real beauty. From the sad emotional pull of ‘Stickman’ to the full on pumping chant of ‘Mad Boy’ These guys are way ahead of the average. Anyone interested in the ‘art-house’ end of electronic music  a la ‘Underworld’ and the like should definitely check this out

CREDITS: Writers- Bronnimann /Ross   Producer - Bronnimann/Ross   Mixed By - Bronnimann/Ross    STYLE: trance , minimal


Tektonik  REMIXES

Following the release of their first album ‘Tek Red’ , tektonik’s production team  (Robbie Bronnimann and Andy Ross ) found them selves in demand as remix requests came flooding in. Scoring some notable placements on trance compilations such as Beyond Euphoria , Platipus records and many others realises.

TEKTONIK   is an progressive electronic duo comprising  Robbie Bronnimann and Andy Ross, two respected and experienced composer / producers in the field. Their first album ‘tek red’ created such interest from leading figures in the dance world that it led to a series of  remix work and and compilation placements. With a combination of sophisticated workmanship and expansive atmospheres it’s plain to see that much of their work would be suited to film, television or gaming soundtracks. Keep an eye out for this impressive duo.

Mark De Silver / Electronic Music Review