Microconnect  ‡


The   microconnect  project started as a spin off from the ‘Tektonik’ collaboration between Andy Ross and Robbie Bronnimann. The sounds and rhythms here are subtle interlaced and ambiguous. The sound is expansive dramatic and delicate. These works are informed and inspired by a life long interest in the minimalist work of Steve Reich amongst others, and have a cinematic and atmospheric quality that would be well suited to any of the visual arts especially film.

Microconnect  ‡  LIVE


microconnect ‡ LIVE  is a one man live performance which is a kind of  ‘sound sculpture‘  that develops layer by layer, in an improvisation that builds into something resembling a ‘sonic tapestry’, rich in colour, detail and mood.  Like 'fractal forms', there are subtle shifts of perspective creating many different ways of ‘seeing’ the compositions. Using computers to manipulate sound samples, the marriage of technology and the 'organic' is central to its thinking and is an attempt to produce an impressionistic reflection of our relationship with technology.  It has an optimistic outlook and attempts to humanise and create beauty and natural forms through what is often perceived in music to be an artificial medium. These works are musical 'frescos' designed to create an air of beauty within a space. 

Bringing the studio to the stage

“People often ask what instrument do I play and although I play a few the main ‘tool’ for expression is my computer . That normally brings on a blank stare. I’ve  long wanted to bring my studio production experience into focus as a ‘instrument’ that could be played in real time. microconnect live is an attempt to bring the studio to the stage and to bring some soul  and risk to it without the stop start refinement of the editing process, its quite a challenge and I’m always intrigued to see how the hybrid of studio and stage will evolve. Its one of the most interesting areas of development in music today.”