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2009 published (non exclusive) by Warner Chappel London ~  BASIA co-write

2002 published (exclusive) by EMI all works / specifically ~ MARTIN GRECH co-write

1996 published (non exclusive) by Warner Chappel Spain ~ MIGUEL BOSE  co-write

1993 published (non exclusive)  by Howard Jones music ~ HOWARD JONES co-write

1981 published (exclusive) by Rondor Music Publishing ~ all works

1981 published (non exclusive) Magnet Publishing ~ NEW YORK

Grew up in Orpington, South London

Father: Jazz musician

Mother: Nurse

Brother: 2yrs older

Sister: 4yrs older

My mum was a nurse and ran many hospitals during her long career as a carer.

My Dad Ronnie Ross was a Jazz saxophonist with world class credentials, playing with the likes of Miles DavisTed Heath,, Frank Sinatra, the Beatles. Also taught David Bowie sax and later was hired by Bowie to play the amazing baritone solo at the end of Lou Reeds ‘Walk on the Wild side’



St Annes Primary School, Orpington

Cray Valley Tech (later called Kemnal Manor)

King Richards school Cyprus

Brighton Art Collage

At Primary school I was taught mostly by nuns that scared me

Secondary school was a blood bath of feuding yobs & and skin heads.

Changed to a very laid back army school when I moved with my mum and step dad to Cyprus ( My step dad was an Army major , could not be more different to my ‘jazz dad’ )

At 18 I went to Art School in Brighton but dropped out to join my brother playing in a ‘jazz rock’ band in London



St Annes Primary School, Orpington

Cray Valley Tech (later called Kemnal Manor)

King Richards school Cyprus

Brighton Art Collage

I got my first guitar when I was 13 ( A Grenn plywood special,cost £18 and had the build quality of a wooworths product! ) At 15 I started my ‘apprenticeship’ as a young guitarist doing covers in a working mens club band.At 16 I was part of a jazz trio, and also did the folk club circuit. At 18 bought a 62’ Strat and chose to go ‘professional. Subsequent bands ranged in style from jazz rock to experimental until co founding pop/rock band Immaculate Fools which lasted for many years.


In-house writer for Rondor Music.

Written for : TV ads, Immaculate Fools, Howard Jones, Martin Grech, Composing for film and TV and more recently contemporary dance.

I had been writing with the early bands when at 21 I was offered a publishing contract with Rondor Music ( A&M’s publishing arm) In that time I co-wrote with Graham Lyle amongst other ‘names’ on the writing circuit of the time and had my first experience of writing for TV commercials and dare I say it , The Eurovision song contest ! ( I don’t know what came over me....!!) From then until now I have mostly co written on the albums I produce but have also written many works alone including scoring for ballet and other solo projects.


Tom Robinson

Robert Palmer

Immaculate Fools

Howard Jones


By far  the most touring / TV work I did was with my band Immaculate Fools. We were on and off the road for 8 years or more before I split with the band to pursue my career as a record producer. I had been producing the ‘Fools’ albums and in the process had unwittingly been learning producer/ engineering skills which I was now keen to refine.


Over 180 production titles to date contained  within albums, singles, remixes, tv, commercials, and modern dance composition

My first production job was a bluff . One of my own cringey pop songs that someone was bravely financing. I had never used a console before and was confronted by and SSL which I fumbled around on but got away with somehow. Later while recording with my band Immaculate Fools, I became very disillusioned by the big name producers we worked with. They always  seemed  to fall way short of my expectations. So I would , through necessity , start to learn how to engineer the sounds I wanted and to piece together the ‘whole picture’ and in the process came to learn a broad range of techniques from straight band stuff through to experimental and electronic music.


TOOLS: Various consoles analogue and digi, Apple Mac , Logic Pro, Ableton Live,  Samplers

Clients include:Tori amos, howard jones, Martin Grech. Miguel Bose

On the whole I’ve engineered most of my productions and Im acutely aware that sound plays a huge roll in emoting correctly in a given piece of music. I have designed many studios over the years from the analogue days through to now common place virtual studio. Programming and sound design is really a part of a producers skill set and I’ve worked on many projects outside of my own over the years where I was able to refine these skills

Andy has worked from his own studio ‘connectstudios’ for the last 10 years or more. He has many years experience in designing and setting up studios







Universal Records Sony Records Island Records  Warner Chappel  WEA Records


Magnet Records  Rondor Music

A&M Records

UK Film Council  Platypus Records Dtox Records

Ballet Lorent

20th Century Fox

Saatchi & Saatchi  BBH

Martin Ansel

Danny White

Graham Lyle

Kevin  Weatherill

Dirty Ray

Tom Robinson

Howard Jones

Miguel Bose

Martin Grech

Robbie Bronnimann

Dave Gilmor

Pino Palidino

Louis Jardin

Elliot Randel

Barry Wikins

Mark Almond




















Led Zeppelin

Pink Floyd

Gustav Holst


Brand X

Peter Gabriel


Steve Reich

Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Talk Talk

Massive Attack


Blue Nile


Scott Walker

Gustavo Santaolalla

At the age of 18 Andy Ross quit art school and shortly after gave up a promising career in film special effects to move in to music full time.It was probably in the blood. Andy’s dad, Ronnie Ross, was a world-renowned saxophonist who played with Miles Davis, the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, David Bowie and Lou Reed (famously providing the iconic sax solo on Walk on the Wild Side).

It turned out to be the right decision. His band Immaculate Fools released six albums, achieving a huge following in Europe, but more importantly giving Andy a springboard to develop into a producer, co-writer and arranger and session musician

Today, Andy has countless production credits to his name from million selling albums to one-off commissions from arts organisations and continues to work  across multiple genres. As a multi-instrumentalist, composer and studio owner he is able to deliver the complete package whilst guiding and mentoring artists to satisfy there musical vision.